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Happy Heart

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Did you know that the blood is not pumped around the body but vortexed? Frank Chester brought the world to this conclusion through his brilliant work in crafting the #Chestahedron. This is a beautiful story of how Creativity, Biology & Science come together.

Through extensive studies of the Chestahedron, it was discovered that it matched exactly, both internally and externally with the structure of the Human #Heart.

This awareness, now used by Cardiologists, detects Degenerative Heart Disease from a simple x-ray, picking up the condition well in advance so that it doesn’t become a life threatening problem. Dan Winter described this with his invention of his “Heart #Coherence" device, now sold as a product which anyone can use.

Emotions play a significant roll in controlling the vortexing outcome of the blood as it spirals through the arteries. For example, when the Heart is happy the blood spins in a happy way and delivers that happy message to your body. I am sure we have all experienced that feeling. However, when the body is in fear, or is sad or anxious, the heart spins fear, sadness or anxiety throughout the body.

It is well documented that the Heart produces a magnetic field that extends outside of our bodies. This is the field that holds everything together by becoming a super computer network, both receiver and transmitter of billions of bits information. The whole water network of the body and receptors on the protein molecules, become one complex antennae, capturing and processing instructions from within the body and also from our external environment.

This magnetic torus (Biofield) around us is not some postulated theory, it actually exists. Incoming #electromagnetic frequencies are currently bombarding this field on a monumental scale.

The water in our bodies affects the overall fitness of the #Biofield as well. As we dehydrate or lose the quality of valuable water, our outer defence system falters thus allowing all sorts of malaise to seep through the Biofield.

Did you also know that science has proven that we have 3 brains - The Head Brain, The Heart Brain and the Gut Brain? The most powerful of these three is the Heart Brain, as Gregg Braden tells us in this video entitled This Recent Discovery Is So Powerful It Defies Belief!

If you would like to harmonise your 3 brains please click on this link, settle yourself down and listen to Sue's Triple Brain Meditation. If you enjoy this, please do go HERE to our free 21 minute video to ground, align and balance your energetic fields.

Happy Heart - Happy Life

Be Happy

Much Love

Sue and Simon

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