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What is the Quantum Field?

Let's begin by explaining that there is NO “vacuum in space”. In fact it is quite the opposite, as it is now understood to be teaming with energy. It is the same energy that makes up everything:  in us, around us, and everything we see and touch.


Once, atoms and electrons were considered particles. Now scientists know they are packets of energy and more importantly the gaps between the packets store the information of EVERYTHING. Every proton holographically stores the same information as every other proton in the universe which is constantly Bio–oscillating  (evaluating itself) at 10 to the -44 per second.

All of this, from the beginning of our universe’s creation is stored information in the sub-atomic energetic vortices of atoms. This information is accessible to all people who have the skills and tools to do so.


We use this medium of energy to receive information which we then interpret using our analytical tools & understanding. Then, using templates and structures of procedures, we consciously send scalar wave patterning information which in turn self-organises disharmony into harmony.

Thought Intent.png

What was classified as “pseudo science” because it didn’t fit the rigid Newtonian theory of physics is now being rediscovered  intune with the “multifactorial” view point that everything is connected. To solve a “condition”, be it physical, emotional, work or family related, we have the tools to investigate many potential inter-related factors.

What to expect in a Quantum Clearing?

A session will take approximately 1.5 hours.   You will need to find a place where you can sit quietly without being disturbed.  Using online video conferencing we are able to connect directly from our offices to your home.


Before your appointment you will answer a few questions to let us know what major problems are affecting your life and what you would like instead. We will be exploring your primary question. For example, “What is going on within me that is creating conflicts in my family?” or “What is stopping the flow of money into my life?” or “What is preventing me from sleeping?” or “What is the root cause of my pain?”

We use Sacred Geometric structures which, when combined with instructions of intent, communicate on a Quantum Level which then allows for the free flowing of energy throughout your physical, mental, emotional and auric bodies.

The first part of the appointment will be concentrated on aligning and balancing frequencies.  The second part of the appointment will be clearing old patterns and the last part will be setting your future up for success.

Vesica Piscis.jpeg

Some people feel energy moving through their bodies as we start making changes.  Pain may dissolve, you may feel “lighter”, or you may not feel anything at all.  Sometimes, an integration time is needed and you may not even notice changes occurring in your life but,  after a while, looking back on your life, you might actually be able to pin-point the moment that things started improving.

How to BOOK a Quantum Clearing!

Nice and simple, click the box below to head to our bookings page. 

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