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Get Your Free Grounding Geospiral Cluster Here!

Welcome To Quantum Co-Creators And Our Free Grounding Geospiral Cluster.



Geospirals x 5 S.H.png



Geospirals x 5 N.H.png
Feet to side of geospirals.png

The Geospiral Cluster is a representation of the surface magnetic spirals that the Yin (female) waters from deep down in Mother Earth produce at what is called a “blind spring”. This water is sacred and has great healing properties. Once a cluster of Geospirals exist, it creates a vortex.  Collectively they have far reaching powers and manifest healing energies. 


We have re-created a Cluster so that you can place it between your feet when listening to our 9-Step Quantum Commands for Grounding, Balancing and Aligning. The kidney meridian on the bottom of your feet naturally creates the other 2 Geospirals to complete the cluster of 7, thereby creating a vortex through the 6 outside Geospirals.

For more information about Geospirals go to our Blog on Grounding here.


When you click the link below you will be able to download a free Geospiral Cluster PDF. There is room on the PDF for you to write your name and town of birth - this connects you to your Vivaxis - the signature of your birth.  Instructions about the Northern and Southern Hemisphere will be on the PDF. 


You will also receive a link to our Free Grounding Meditation so that you can make Grounding, Balancing and Aligning a daily habit.

Fill in your details below and then click the link to download your Grounding Geospiral Cluster PDF together with instructions on how to use it.

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