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About Us

Simon Mason 

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Simon's fascination in Geometric shapes and mathematical aspects of “Sacred Geometry “ began in 1976. The understanding of the cosmic entanglement of Nature, especially the teachings from Austrian Victor Schauberger regarding vortexing energies in water & nature, paved a path to becoming a certified Holographic Kinetics Practitioner in 2006. Here the keys to LORE (universal law) where all things pass through the 360 degrees of vortex cycles were put into practice. Using the Quantum Field as a proven medium to produce tangible results with people.

Simon continued expanding his knowledge with subjects such as Morphic Resonance, The Electric Universe, Healing is Voltage, Sonic Geometry, Magnetism and much more.

An introduction into the Dowsing Techniques of Walt Woods & Raymon Grace set the platform to develop this skill by enrolling in a Dowsing Course as a means to clarify & investigate many of the secrets held hidden in the visible world. In 2018 Chris Kehler of True Quantum Healing provided Simon with a diagnostic system to investigate and eliminate the thousands of different possibilities that create the root cause of any problem.

Keeping in tune with the ever-increasing rates of vibration and exponential growth of discoveries, especially the coherence of Spirituality & Science, it is Simon's belief that Quantum Co-Creators is here in the right space & time.

Sue Alesbury 

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As a Qualified Hypnotherapist and Healer, Sue has always been fascinated by Quantum Physics. In fact, Sue's Practice in the UK 20 years ago was called Quantum Hypnotherapy.  How can a person sit in a chair as a chain smoker and leave a few minutes later as a permanent non-smoker? How can a person walk in on crutches and walk out a short while later completely unaided? What on earth just happened

When Sue moved from the UK to NZ, she was lucky to be in the right place at the right time - Steve Richards was visiting from Australia and teaching a course in Aboriginal Dreamtime using Holographic Kinetics. She successfully used this modality for 12 years until she "retired". As if she ever could...


It was on this course that she met Simon and they became great friends, able to explore the workings of The Universe together. Simon's engineering background and awesome research abilities combine well with Sue's questioning mind. "People are now much more open to looking at alternatives", says Sue. "As they say, 'the mind is like a parachute - it works better when it is open'. There are so many unexplained things going on in and around us and its great to have tools to be able to find out just what might be causing them".


Sue is passionate about natural healing and transformation and has for many years connected the dots between the mind and the body. She is a fearless seeker of the "truth" and both she and Simon are blessed with endless amounts of patience and perseverance.

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