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Are You in Fear and Overwhelm  in these Changing Times? 


Then It's Time to Get Out of

"The Game" and Take Back Control of Your Life.

Watch This Now - Free True Quantum Clearing


Interdimensional Alignment Method

Please note - the above price is in US Dollars.

When you join us for the Interdimensional Alignment Method...


We will systematically work through each of the 45 blocks that you need to clear and activate in your energy field before you can increase your Prosperity Consciousness. Because you will be working interdimensionally, you’ll also clear out a lot of blocks in other areas of your life, from how you feel about yourself and your relationships, to gaining greater self awareness and intuition.


Imagine what your life would look like when you’re free of emotional challenges, struggle and feelings of being stuck, and instead you found your financial flow where things begin to improve with much less effort.


Your future is determined by what you think and do today and every day. So RIGHT NOW is the time to take back control of your life.


Because we humans have lived many lifetimes, we have accumulated layers of dimensional blocks. You may be struggling to breakthrough because you’ve never addressed the interdimensional nature of those blocks. These blocks can come from traumas, spells, curses, vows, agreements, spirits, entities – all kinds of things - which seem to manifest as repeating patterns, preventing you from getting ahead and creating the Prosperity you desire.

In our 3 Module Interdimensional Alignment Method,

Quantum Co-Creators, Simon and Sue clear the Interdimensional Interference affecting your prosperity consciousness. 


We will show you how to align, balance and harmonise your energy fields, in a carefully planned sequence, busting through the 45 blocks that we have determined create that hold you back from prosperity. This will allow you to reset your physical and emotional body for remarkable and lasting benefits.

  • Grounding your multi-dimensional self to the Quantum field.

  • Unsaying Spells, Curses, and Agreements of Entrapment that keep you in poverty consciousness.

  • Transmuting Interdimensional Interferences that distract you from your financial focus.

  • Balancing and harmonising your brain, igniting your consciousness

  • Clearing blockages from the nervous system, lymphatic systems and meridians preparing you for the Water Memory reset.

  • Resetting your Water Memory so that every cell in your body is vibrating at the optimum frequency to allow the Law of Attraction to flow

  • Adjusting your body frequency to sync with the Cosmic Pulse of Abundance

  • Eliminating noxious energies that disrupt your connection to Source and block your money flow

  • Harmonising your Spirit Guides that affect the harmony in your relationships with business partners.

  • Inviting back missing Nature Spirits so that you can feel more centred, supported and empowered.

  • Reconnecting your fragmented Soul.  This alone could be your breakthrough to financial and indeed Life success.

  • Transforming the original wound of Broken Trust and Self-Betrayal and learning to trust and believe in yourself. 

  • Giving you a powerful tool to transform negative emotions into powerful high vibrational feelings.

  • Creating your Future Vision - If you are not visioning your future from the moment you wake up then you are playing old memories and recreating the past.


Once you start seeing the world through different eyes, this will be the beginning of learning to trust and believe in yourself.  All of these are important for taking back control of your financial future.


At the end of this module you will receive a bonus process to help keep your energies clear day and night.

Module 1 - Taking Back Control

In this module we will be focusing on taking back control of anything that is holding you back from reaching your financial goals, including:  


Module 2 - Increasing Your Power To Manifest

In this module, we will be focusing on Prosperity and clearing more blocks to Success, including:

  • Learning about Half Truths and Sacred Geometry to open your eyes.

  • Marrying the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within you, creating a new paradigm in prosperity consciousness.

  • Integrating your THREE brains thus increasing your power to manifest.  This is a powerful 15 minute process.

  • Breaking free from the Wrath of the Creator Gods - a Universal clearing that will set you free from external control.

  • Unsaying Vows of Poverty from past lives and ancestry - this could be the key that breaks through that financial glass ceiling.

  • Transforming the emotion of “Unaccepted” into being accepted into the world of worthiness and receiving

  • Enriching the details of your Future Vision.


By the end of this module you will have more balance in your life and more power to manifest your heart’s desire.


At the end of this module you will receive a bonus Prosperity Process.

  • Transforming the emotion of “Inferiority” so that you can stand as an equal

  • Encouraging empowering biophoton production to light the fire within

  • Connecting your soul to your DNA 

  • Dissolving Miasms so that you can avoid hereditary predispositions

  • Eliminating negative Archetypes that are sabotaging you

  • Activating the electric circuitry of your body to keep your power output at its optimum 

  • Balancing and harmonising all your body systems enabling the easy flow of energy

  • Receiving powerful tools to manage your state of well-being

  • Maintaining a high vibrational frequency making it easier to overcome challenges

  • Finalising your Future Vision


We have all lived many lifetimes – some as a victim and some as a perpetrator.  Balance is the Name of the Game and you will come away knowing that you can create peace and harmony in all your relationships, be it with partners, family or work colleagues and especially with your money. 


At the end of the three modules you will definitely feel more grounded, happier and less emotionally reactive which in turn will help you to make better decisions and move towards the financial success you desire.


At the end of this module you will receive a surprise bonus that is really going to turbo charge your ability to manifest prosperity

Module 3 - Improving Your Relationships

In this last Module we will be focusing on the Relationship you have with yourself, your money and others, including:-



Interdimensional Alignment Method

Please note - the above price is in US Dollars.

Testimonials From The IA Method

“Huge Gains”

“I have had huge gains from the three modules and have noticed the changes subtly and suddenly on reflection.  My intended outcome was to regain the calm relationship that I always had with money which over time has become frantic and unsettling.   No longer do I worry about my finances.  The confidence that I have re-gained is great and my hopes and dreams have been reignited.  Thank you again for being the wonderful, giving, joyful people that you are.”

Alison Smith, Grandmother, New Zealand

“More Connected To My Purpose”

"I loved the way you brought all three modules together and highlighting the importance of daily practice to shield myself from lower frequencies. Finances seem to flow well and I feel more connected to my purpose."

Pernille Malberg-Dyg, Lecturer, Denmark

“Realigning With Source - In My Pyjamas”

"Great diagrams with explanations of immense interest. Lots of transformational processes. Good pace. Technology worked well. Great voices from Susan and Simon. Transmutation and clearing of CRAP. Realigning with Source. In my pyjamas!"

Pietta Collins, Midwife, New Zealand

“Empowered To Create My Reality” 

"I am more buoyant, more aware of my thinking and the capacity for me to alter it such that I feel empowered to create my reality in this dimension and beyond.  The natural progression of connecting with self to connecting with "other" and the genetic and heredity clearing was brilliant particularly!!"

Jen Rumore, Business Owner, New Zealand

“Goose Pimples” 

“During the course, I had a sense of calmness and I felt goose pimples along my spine the majority of the time.  I enjoyed becoming more aware of my thoughts and feelings and letting go of worrying about the future”

Kyrki Kouvara, Bio-Magnetic Healer, Greece

“A Plethora Of Different Realms”

"Wow - I feel so honoured that I was invited to participate in this experience that you have so cleverly crafted for our clearing so we can more easily be in tune with what is happening with planetary changes for our highest good.  I smiled at hearing the plethora of different realms and language of entities you used requiring to be cleared and kept at bay. I realise now how much fear I have been carrying, so no wonder they have been fed so well. Thank-you for this awareness."

Adie Leng, Grandmother, New Zealand

“Trusted The Process”

"I enjoyed simply letting myself be worked on and not trying to understand the words. I just trusted the process."

Claire Morgan, Eurythmist, New Zealand  

“On Purpose”

"I am sure that this IA Method has assisted me in taking inspired action and dare to go for a career where the music I receive is my main tool when I work with clients, for coaching, healing and manifesting - but most importantly, something I use in my own life to create happiness, harmony and healing.  I also feel on purpose and trust that I will meet the right people and succeed with the new venture I launched just after Module 1."

Maria Sjöberg, Life Coach, Sweden

“Deep Work”

"What has developed in these last few weeks is that I have been able to observe my emotional responses and accept them more easily as separate from my true being. I feel that it is deep work and it takes time to settle down.   I am really grateful for what you so generously offer us"

Fotini Boutouri, Architect, Greece

“High Vibes”

"Me and my family are doing well ...  I feel very high vibes, my body is so much better and I have been walking for 1 hour 2 times this week.  This has not happened in years.  So grateful for you and Simon holding me in your beautiful space of light."

Camilla Hansson, Artist, Sweden

There's no coincidence that you’re here, right now. Trust that it was your Spirit calling you to something that could really help you on your Path to Prosperity. 


If you are ready for a breakthrough to achieve your 2020 goals and dreams then join us now by clicking the Buy Now button below...


Interdimensional Alignment Method

Please note - the above price is in US Dollars.

IA Method Testimonials
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