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A Quantum Clearing session will give you

more than you bargain for!

We will take you on a journey of discovery through many past lives, shifting energy,

clearing curses, changing frequencies and balancing polarities of not only you

but your loved ones, your home, and your business.  

Quantum Alignment and Clearing - 1.5 hours - $200 USD - (2 practitioners present).​

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Testimonials on Private Sessions

“Unexpected Money Arrived In Bank Account”

“I had a bad month in November with several clients not paying me and disputing their credit card charges from my company.  It looked like two of the disputes were not going to go in my favour. Literally within 24 hours of doing your process I saw that these two disputes had been resolved and the money was unexpectedly put back into my bank account. It’s amazing how fast this clearing can occur. Thanks to Sue and Simon for the amazing work you do. I’ve had so many people now commenting on how good I look, how much calmer and more grounded I am.  I’ve done a lot of clearing practices in my time, but this is truly groundbreaking stuff that is making an immediate difference.”

Nicola Grace, Entrepreneur, New Zealand

“A Massive Blessing”

"Thank you Sue and Simon so much for the session we had. Steve and I have been listening each morning to the clearing. It feels better inside me. And a relief. I started writing a book yesterday that has been percolating for many years. It just flowed. I made time for a webinar on freedom through self pleasure, we made payroll, the business loan payment, and I frequently re-adjust to prosperity 53,000 and my future self statement. We hosted our first AirBnB guests 2 nights ago.  Lots moving more positively. The work you offer is a massive blessing to me. Thank you. I love you both."

Jen Rumore, Business Owner, New Zealand

“Thoughts of ‘not deserving’ no longer an issue”

"I feel I am improving with stress management and trying to drink more water.  The biggest thing for me is my thoughts of "not deserving"  which no longer seem to be an issue for me and the pain has improved a lot! This makes me happy."

Kim Williamson– Business Owner, New Zealand

“No longer worry about money” 

"Since my session with the two of you, I have noticed such a difference.   I no longer worry about money as I know that it always comes when I need it.  Before, I was always struggling but now I seem to always have money in my wallet.  The ease of mind that this gives me makes me feel much more peaceful."

Sheryl Munro, New Zealand

“A Great Experience” 

“I had a great experience from the clearings with Sue and Simon. It was profound as I went to many places while I was listening to you that opened up areas I hadn't considered were there to address. And I’m a professional clearing practitioner myself. Some old emotional stuff surfaced and cleared! Thank you  - much appreciated!”

Marlene Allen, Healer, Az, USA

“An Old Fear Lost Its Grip”

"I had a situation where I really needed to ask for help and went through it and got such a super friendly response and I felt something in me had really shifted. The feeling of deep relief was so strong and also like an old fear of asking for help and receiving it had lost its grip.  I am so grateful for this amazing help. Thank You SO MUCH and Bless You for Your service. With gratitude beyond words."

Mahima Lindroth, Sound Healer, Sweden

“A Much Expanded Reality”

"I really enjoyed the session. it was very healing and I felt it helped me to align myself into a much expanded reality."

Monica Rodriguez,  Joy Alchemist , UK   


"My Spirit / Higher Being has a knowing-ness that your work cleared the patterning – I believe what you are doing is revolutionary.  Thank you so much. Much love to you both. I’m incredibly grateful."

Sharron Martin, Visionary, New Zealand

“A Big Healing and Transformation On The Land”

"Wow My God, what an amazing job you did on clearing my land. My family are experiencing more restful sleep and I feel relaxed. It feels like a big healing and transformation going on. I am really very grateful. I am overwhelmed."

Marit By, Norway

“Clean inside”

"Omg!!! I can’t tell you the total difference in my pain levels... yesterday was an amazing day feeling the relief... I don’t have words. I feel clean inside, strange to express it, calm."

Camilla Hansson, Sweden

“No Bad Feelings Of The Old Memories” 

"In the last 3 days I have felt peaceful in the house.  I have no bad feelings of the old memories. The garage has a lot of my partner’s gear there and it used to make me feel bad but now I feel detachment from it.   When I woke up today I felt as if my whole energy was different - something lifted. I feel peaceful. Thank you so much Simon and Sue."

Nicolette Prendegast, Business Owner, New Zealand

“Right To The Core” 

"Susan and Simon took great care and skill to find the source of what has been contributing to illness and other blockages in my life and relationships. This work is freeing my energy and supporting me to make changes to my life and behaviour that are helping me to heal. I encourage anyone who is facing challenges to see Susan and Simon, particularly if you’ve experienced  it as intractable. This work gets right to the core and works from the inside out. Some changes are happening faster than others, and I know the deeper issues are now supported to shift."

Marina Lee,  Australia

“The Effects Were Profound”

"I had the pleasure of having a few sessions with Simon and Sue.   The effects were profound and the changes are still noticeable. They have a unique grasp and knowledge of the correlation and interaction between the body, mind and Spirit.  They embody the concept of whole-life healing. They work in more places than I ever could imagine was possible. They bring extensive knowledge, experience and attention to detail combined with high integrity and compassion to the session.  Their follow-up and continued care is outstanding. I would highly recommend working with Simon and Sue, for growth and transformational life changes."

Hans Vermeulen – Physiotherapist - New Zealand

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Testimonials on Private Sessions
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