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Ground To Mother Earth At Place of Birth

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Many people understand the importance of Grounding to the Earth through their feet in order to absorb free electrons which balances the polarities in the body. However, not many are aware of the importance of connecting to the Yin Waters of Mother Earth.

Underground domes of pressurised water (blind springs) trigger various energy phenomena including Geospirals. This Geospiral illustration is a representation of the electromagnetic spirals Yin (female) waters from deep down in Mother Earth.

This structured water is often referred to as “primary or sentient water” and is chemically produced inside Gaia. When extracted from a well it is considered Sacred and has great healing properties.

Water on the planets’ surface for instance rivers, ponds and lakes, is Yang (male) energy. The spirals and vortices that can be seen on a river, pond or lake. The breaks in the outside rings (called the necklace) indicate other magnetic currents crossing the spiralling magnetic field. Geospirals are connected to one another around the world by Geodetic (global scientific measurement) energy arc-lines.

Spirals and Vortices at

Te Waikoropupu Springs, New Zealand

The arcs are likened to the lymphatic system of the human body, the Geospirals representing the chakras. The geometric spirals or coils start with 3.5 circles, then 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 & 49. The 7 ring spiral represents the Heart Chakra and the 3.5 ring spirals represent the base chakra.

The patterns were discovered by the Master Dowser, Guy Underwood from Avebury in England. His years of research determined that every religious site had a Geospiral at its centre and this knowledge was used by the “Ancients” all around the world. The Druids of England, the Aboriginals of Australia and other cultures across the globe depict spirals in their traditional artwork.

Dennis Wheatley continued this work and now his daughter, Maria, is the UK’s leading authority on the geodetic earth energies, ley lines and grid lines and runs the

Robert Egby in his book “Holy Dirt Sacred Earth” found that, when Geospirals appear in a cluster, a vortex is initiated and far reaching powers are created.

Using the energy vortex in the cluster and the arc-lines between the Spirals we can connect to what is known as the Vivaxis. Discovered by Fran Nixon in the 1960’s and made popular by Judy Jacka in her book “Healing through Earth Energies”, the Vivaxis is your energy umbilical cord plugging into the Earth's life supporting energies at your place of birth.

Donna Eden refers to this as a magnetic tape which needs de-magnetising and strengthening using various meditative practices. Using a protocol called the “Vivaxin Syndrome”, Donna has found stability is returned to many people who are disempowered and who struggle to be at peace here on Earth.

So although many people are familiar with Grounding, the majority are unaware of the health benefits that the Geospiral & Vivaxis connection can provide.

Quantum Co-Creators have created two Geospiral Clusters (one for the Northern Hemisphere and one for the Southern Hemisphere). This allows you to connect through the Geospiral rings to the Yin waters of Mother Earth and your personal Vivaxis magnetic cord.

We have also created a 9 step grounding with Quantum commands and Thought Intent to be used in combination with the Geospiral Cluster.

To download your FREE Geospiral Cluster and Grounding Meditation click the link below.


So much love

Sue and Simon

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