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EMF's Today - Orgone Tomorrow

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Over the last 10 years #Orgone has become a Buzz word, though many people don't really know what it is.

Orgone products have become very popular as a protection against electromagnetic pollution (#EMF, #EMR, Microwaves, #Bluetooth, #Cellphones, Smart-Meters, #Wifi, #5G etc). These are all forms of what is known as Dead Orgone Energy (-DOR) and they cause stagnation and degeneration of your energetic field. Positive Orgone Energy (POR+) helps to revitalise your bioenergetic field simply by having it near you.

Orgone Energy is best known for bringing better #sleep, more energy, strengthening the #immune system and decreasing sensitivity to EMF's. It balances emotions, encourages spiritual growth and removes negative energy. But what is it exactly?

The History of Orgone

Wilhelm Reich (1897 – 1957) – Born in Austria – was a psychoanalyst, inventor, pioneer and author of many influential books and essays. In 1939 Dr. #Reich discovered Orgone Energy. He went on to produce an Orgone Accumulator consisting of 20 layers of Metal and Wood which reportedly had profound health benefits. He must have been on to something, because the Powers That Be, namely the FDA - threw him in jail and burned all his books to prevent his knowledge from reaching the general public. Sadly he died in prison - but the TRUTH is always revealed!!

Karl Hans Welz of Austria studied the work of Wilhelm Reich for years and built and experimented with several Orgone devices based on Reich’s original blueprints and in 1991 created what he called an Orgone Generator.

Don and Carol Croft took the Orgone Generator a step further by developing a bio-electric Zapper. Don and psychically-gifted Carol, worked hard to relieve the physical misery caused by massive technological growth and abuse. Their mission was to use orgone energy to transmute toxic land and sea environments into thriving ecosystems where all living things can enjoy good health and prosperity. Sadly, Don passed away in July 2018 following a paragliding accident. He was a brilliant, generous man who, along with Carol, did so much to help heal the planet.

Don observed that a matrix of metallic particles (inorganic material) suspended in a polyester resin (organic material) did the same as Reich's layers of metal and wooden board. The combination of a metal/resin matrix and crystals can transmute (DOR-), the negative polarity of dead orgone energy, into (+POR), the positive polarity of orgone energy. The addition of quartz crystals allowed the energy thus created to be projected in a much wider field. This lead to the development of the now well-known Don Croft Cloud Buster and the small Orgone Generator (dubbed by Don as the "The Holy Hand-Grenade”)

N.B. Organic compounds always contain carbon while inorganic compounds contain metal and other elements. Carbon-Hydrogen bonds are the characteristic of organic compounds while these are not found in inorganic compounds. Inorganic compounds contain metal atoms while they are never found in organic compounds. Polyester resin is a chemical organic compound mainly composed of atoms such as carbon, hydrogen and a little oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur etc. combined together with certain chemical-bond.

Enter Quantum Co-Creator's

Positive Orgone Creations From New Zealand

Initially, Simon set out to find an aid for insomnia and as Sue hardly ever slept, she was the perfect subject to test his wonderful creations!! It has taken many attempts to get it right, based on results gained. And BAM – Sue is now sleeping through the night, as are many of our clients.

All our Positive Orgone Creations are based on a fundamental 5-layer crystal and metal/resin matrix formula, cleared and modulated for effectiveness.

Our formula for the “grounding and energising mix” has made all the difference to the results we are getting. Amongst other things, it includes West Coast NZ Black Iron Sand and Black Tourmaline.

Metals included are medium and fine chip Aluminium, Brass and Copper from shavings

Each metal matrix layer that we use in our Orgone Frequency Harmonisers transmute different ranges of radiations. The golden rule is to use a 50/50 mix of metal to resin mix. Metals are chosen by units of conductivity (ability for an electric current to flow) and then by size/shape of material.

COPPER 5.96 units – ALUMINIUM 3.5 units – BRASS 1.59 units - IRON 1.0 units.

The size of the chips, cuttings or shavings of the metal used, dictate how EMFs bounce around inside the Harmoniser and deliver the energetic pattern to the crystals. Smaller & shorter chips of aluminium handle the average exposure of EMFs in the home/office. The larger, coiled shaving metals provide their own unique flavour to the frequency mix.

QCC uses, Aluminium - fine chips, fine twirled shavings, medium chips & medium twirled shavings. Also, fine chip Brass, Copper, and Bronze and small twirled stainless steel & cast iron.

A critical aspect in the construction of an Orgone Frequency Harmoniser is how the layers of the metal/matrix are placed. This part of the process requires time and patience.

Having a solid base or foundation is also very important. We use a special grounding and Energising mix for each Harmoniser.

Coils#Tesla and/or #SBB (Saint Busters Button) coils are used to direct the flow of energy.

Tensor rings - Referred to as Light Rings, based on harmonics and geometry which create a toroidal vortex. This potentises water and living biology. We use these in our charging plates.

Triskelion – Spiral of Life based on the number of 3, was made popular by the Celts and is the perfect example of Balance. When made of copper it sets up bio-electric and bio-magnetic energy flow. Used in conjunction with crystals they have a unique ability to neutralise harmful energy.

Adding a crystal intensifies the process and allows you the opportunity to 'program' the crystal with your thoughts and intentions to direct that energy towards a specific task or goal.

Crystals used

#Amethyst – Healing, Calming, Protection, Spiritual Expansion, Relief from Emotional or Physical Stress

#Quartz – Powerful Healing, Pain Relief, Psychic Enhancement, Protection from EMF, Relief from Negativity

#Shungite – Absorber of Negative Energy, Grounding and Protection, Conducts and Shields the body from EMFs.

#Rose Quartz – Supports Self-Love, Encourages Emotional Warmth, Empowers Healthy Loving Relationships and Friendship, Dissolves Emotional Scars and Fear around Love

#Aquamarine – Increases Courage, Intuition and Clairvoyance, shields the aura, reduces stress and quietens the mind.

#Piezoelectricity is created when the resin shrinks around a crystal turning it into a tiny battery, causing “electricity” to flow. This continuously amplifies the properties of the crystal. So for instance, a rose quartz would continuously emit harmonious energies, an amethyst would emit healing energies, etc.

Black Tourmaline – Protection from EMF, Purification, Confidence, Inner Power, Emotional stability

"Dear Simon and Sue. I slept with the disc under my head and did not wake up once during the night. I have not had this happen for EVER!!! An uninterrupted sleep is a magnificent thing. Soooooo grateful" Fiona, Auckland NZ

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Sue and Simon

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