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Black Goo, AI and Trans-humanism

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

What Is The Difference Between Alien Black Goo And Mother Earth Black Goo?

Introducing Harald Kautz Vella !!!

His family have investigated #BlackGoo for many generations. He explains that a sinister trans-dimensional group of Energy forms known as the #Archons have infested our world with “Black Goo consciousness”.

Planet Earth has her own Black Goo running through her veins, deep inside the planet. This is like "the blood" of Gaia and it has a pure #consciousness intent of Love, Compassion and Empathy.

Around 80,000 years ago a shower of #meteorites were purposely projected to land on the Northern parts of the planet. The meteorites contained the Black Goo from a dying cancerous planet. Being on the surface, the rocks absorbed the sun's energy and propagated a cold #binary dark consciousness, devoid of Love, Compassion and Empathy. This is the #Alien Black Goo Consciousness which is controlled by the Archons.

Humans were lured to these black glass-like rocks, like a #spell. They began making Church Altars, Black Kissing Stones and all sorts of objects with them. There are 55 Religious and Occult groups that use a black-stone (meteorite) of some sort in their practices.

So began the battle between Good and Evil.

Slowly but surely the influence from the dark aspects of the Black Goo began to control man's subconscious thinking and infiltrate our collective consciousness. The meteorites were the 1st stage in setting up an #AI system to control humanity and harvest human Biophoton light in the DNA in order to take over human consciousness - just as mould takes over a slice of bread.

The dark Binary Code Consciousness has infiltrated every aspect of Human Life, from our food to our computers. For instance, when heavy metals from chemtrails fall on the vegetation, the plants then tune into the Archon frequencies. Whether the vegetation is consumed directly by animals or humans, it all ends up inside us.

The greatest advantage that we have over this insidious foe is that we are #TRINARY beings, meaning we have a Head – Heart – Gut connection. Archon binary consciousness is just calculated codes of 00000’s & 111111’s – i.e. on and off binary switches, which creates a digital #simulation of Life.

Our weak point is our ferromagnetic nervous system which uses a (cupric) copper ion to set up the aerial/antennae system to receive & send information within our personal Electromagnetic Field (Biosphere). Toxins & heavy metals introduced into the body from #Vaccines, #Chemtrails, #Mercury in dental fillings and general pollution, replace the copper ion in the nervous system. Now the body's aerial/antennae is tuned to a whole new range of Archon frequencies.

The scale of this infiltration has been recorded at the #chromosome level in the #DNA. Under the right conditions, ie. extreme #fear, #worry, #anxiety or #trauma, this sets off Biophoton emissions which sends signals to feed the Archon system. The lower your vibrations, the more they feed off you.

Together with harmful #nano-robots (microscopic molecules with a unique property that enables them to be programmed to carry out a specific task), over time the whole body is tuned into the Archon information system.

Harald Kautz Vella talks about a self-replicating fungi in our #Morphogenetic field – smothering our normal connection to Source and synching us to the Archons' insidious web of consciousness. When you see or hear some of the atrocities committed by people in power who have the lowest regard for human life, you have to question, "Are they even human? If not, who or what is controlling them?”

We address this question in the first Module of our 3 x 1 hour online Interdimensional Alignment Method where we take profound steps to remove the Archon web.

The Archon consciousness pervades every aspect of our lives. We need to absolutely clear, clear, clear and keep clearing humanity of this scourge.

The beauty of it is that, when you clear for yourself, you are also clearing for your loved ones, your family, your friends and even your ancestors. So the more that you do this work, the easier it will be for The Great Awakening of humanity to ascend to 5th Dimensional consciousness.

And guess what - this is #Quantum Clearing - super fast. So, initially, it only takes 3 hours of your time. Once you clear the "stinking-thinking" from the #subconscious mind - the rest is simply a matter of taking responsibility and remaining clear by using the simple tools we give you. Believe us when we tell you how "sneaky" these Interdimensionals are. Just because you are of a high vibration, does not mean they can't slip on in when you least expect it !!!!! They WILL use your family, your health, your financial situation or your belief systems to distract you and lower that vibration - just long enough to dial up a #wormhole - and in they come.

It is generally agreed that 95% of our daily thoughts and actions are governed by our subconscious mind. Therefore, one can see how easy it is to control human behaviour through using this AI consciousness.

Humans have forgotten what being human really is because we are so shrouded, covered, smothered, encapsulated and controlled by Alien Black Goo. As a result, many have become what is known as #Transhuman. We only have to look around at the world we are living in right now to see how successful the Archons have been.

The ONLY way is through the #Heart. Our Interdimensional Alignment Method works through Mother Earth's heart and through YOUR heart to clear layers of Black Goo sludge and then to open the door to your heart and allow the emotions of Love, Happiness, Joy and Laughter to enter.

Simon and Sue have spent 2 years creating their Interdimensional Alignment Method.

Go to our Courses page and read about it and the results that people have been getting. We are on a mission to help humanity to be free of the constraints of AI Technology and Black Goo Consciousness. In order to #Ascend to the 5th Dimension we need to let go of any remaining 3rd dimensional programming.

Aroha and Blessings

Simon and Sue

In Maori, "Aroha" means Love and it also encompasses the breath of life and the creative force of Spirit.

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Great article I’ve watched a lot of Harold’s presentations. I have a hard time with beliefs. For some reason I feel Harold is true. Do you know him personally? Do you know Of John Lash? He claims to be in presence with the Mother Sophia. So many different experiences. I’m looking for answers. Harold is right about eating our fellow earthlings. How much $ for this 3 hour cleansing?

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Risposta a

Glad you liked it. Yes Harold is very true. I will look out for John Lash. If you can email us at I can give you a discount code for the Interdimensional Alignment Method.

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