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Biophotons - Awakening To The Light Within

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The Biophoton comes from the Greek word "βίος" meaning Life & "φῶς" meaning Light


The human being has to correctly replace approximately 10 million cells that die in the body every second. This requires a massive amount of self-organisation. Biophysicist, Professor Fritz Albert Popp made known the work of a brilliant man called Alexander Gurwitsch, who discovered that the cells themselves produce #quantas of #light called #Biophotons which transmit instructions in its light spectrum. These Biophotons, produced in the #DNA, are encoded with information based on genetics and emotions.

Biophoton emissions

On a #quantum level it has been discovered that the Biophotons can be released from the DNA as a particle of light or a wave of light. Emotions and intentions play a huge roll in determining what instructions the light gives to the cells.

Photons communicate at vast distances at the speed of light instantaneously. If you send intention to the receptors on the DNA, the Biophotons transmit this new information. Emotions and intention alter the Biophotons and produce a physiological structural change in the body.

Biophotons live at the junction between Consciousness or Field and Structure or Matter. In Ayurvedic medicine, they call the source of all disease “the mistake of the intellect”. This is when the field becomes matter and the matter forgets that it is part of the field and it starts to function as independent from the whole. Healing takes place when synergy occurs – when all the parts act as one.

Positive emotions lead to good Biophoton light which in turn produces better quality cell regeneration. In other words, the better your emotions, the better your health will be.

However, Interdimensional Interferences embedded in the DNA can manipulate the Biophoton frequency being emitted so that only they can tune in and absorb the light, thus robbing you of your energy and your health.

For instance, if you get into a state of rage you will produce what is called "a Biophoton Burst" and the Interdimensionals will have a field day.

So, what can you do to keep your emotions in check and make sure that your Biophoton activity is of the highest frequency to keep you safe?

Everything that is happening right now is simply a distraction to prevent you from Awakening and Ascending. We have created this short video to help clear the Interdimensional Interference affecting us all at this time. This is taken from Module 2 of our Interdimensional Alignment Method

To learn more cool stuff and how to clear #Interdimensional #Interference, head over to our courses page here


Simon and Sue

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