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This Orgone button (4cm diameter x 1cm deep) contains Amethyst which is great for calming and relief from physical and emotional stress. It also contains Shungite which negates the harmful affects of EMFs.

This button is best placed under your pillow, coil side facing downwards so that the energy draws away unwanted thoughts & discordant energies.

It is ideal to use with the Pocket Button Orgone Frequency Harmoniser as the pair will work together in harmony to provide a personalised resonance, to aid in sleeping.

4-layer High Frequency

  • Crystals –  Shungite and  Amethyst - and Tesla Coil  
  • Brass Chips
  • Fine-cut Aluminium
  • QCC Grounding and Energiser Mix


Do not leave in direct sunlight.


Made in New Zealand by QCC.

Sleeping Aid Orgone Frequency Harmoniser

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