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This Magno pair counter the destructive energies foods are subjected to, in the Fridge and from the microwave oven.


It’s great to keep your food cold to retain its freshness, but at what cost? EMFs are swirling around on the inside permeating your food with negative frequencies. Place the 4.5cm diameter x 2cm thick Fridge Orgone Frequency Harmoniser inside your Fridge. This model has a unique split layer of copper & aluminium to capture any radiations produced in the refridgeration process. It also contains a powerful 3.2 x 1.5cm Neodymium Magnet ring which creates a field that allows for close proximity radiation to be absorbed. The Mookaite from Australia aids in the quality of the frequencies emitted. We have also include a thick layer of NZ west coast Iron sand to amplify the magnetic field arrangement.


The Magno Microwave Harmoniser,  (5cm diameter x 2.5cm thick), has the same size Neodymium magnet as the Fridge Magno. This model is designed to transmute enormous amounts of EMFs very quickly. Place on top or beside your microwave oven to reduce the harmful frequencies that radiate out from the oven, especially if an old model.

Both have our distinctive Sun-ring on the base to denote the magnet inside.


6-layer High Frequency

Set of 2 - one for the kitchen fridge (inside), one for the microwave (on top).

  • Crystals – Mookaite, Shungite, Quartz
  • Copper Chips
  • Fine-cut Aluminium
  • Iron Sand Mix
  • QCC Grounding and Energiser Mix
  • Neodymium Ring Magnet


Do not leave in direct sunlight.


Made in New Zealand by QCC.

Kitchen Fridge and Microwave Magno Orgone Frequency Harmoniser

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