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The best place for these General Purpose Orgone Frequency Harmoisers is near the modem.  It is advised to place another GP next to the Smart Meter if you have one.


These come in two styles one with an approx 6cm diameter base and height of 3cm. With a radius of approx 10 meters, they are designed to handle the average home living room situation. TV, modem, WiFi & Blutooth activities, cordless phones & headsets, electrical appliances and audio systems.


These Harmonisers can also be placed in your car for those who have a stressful commute to work and are ideal for Truck drivers or Delivery type occupations.


The central Amethyst crystal creates calming vibes, the Shungite handles the EMFs while the Quartz amplifies the combination.


5-layer High Frequency

  • Crystals – Amethyst, Shungite, Quartz
  • Brass Chips
  • Fine-cut Aluminium
  • Iron Sand and Cast-Iron Mix
  • QCC Grounding and Energiser Mix


Do not leave in direct sunlight.


Made in New Zealand by QCC.

General Purpose Orgone Frequency Harmoniser

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