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Ideal for structuring water, removing negativity from food & extending life of flowers and plants.


The Super Slim Charging plate has a diameter of 9cm and is 1.5cm thick. The outer Tensor Ring resonates to the Earth Core frequencies. As with all circles, the energy migrates towards its centre. 

There are 11 Shungite crystals and 11 tumbled Quartz  crystals arranged in a circle which aids in the concentration of their crystal properties. Shungite is known for its ability to negate EMFs while the Quartz amplifies this property.

There are 3 single point Amethyst crystals pointing to the centre, which project a calming and healing energy.

The twisted copper Triskelion has three interlocking spirals further inducing these energies towards its centre.

The Orgone (life-force energy) becomes a coherent self-organising system designed to restructure water molecules. When used for food and drinks, virtually everything placed on the plate will have a 75%+ water content.


There are 5 layers that all contribute to the performance of the plate. The 1st layer is the crystal & twisted Copper Tensor ring & Triskelion, the 2nd is layer of finely chopped brass, the 3rd is finely shredded aluminium, the 4th is our QCC Grounding & Energising mix and the 5th is a Tesla coil on the underside. 

This coil pulses the cyclic energies as they move from the base through the plate into the food, water or plant life when placed on top.

The Brass, Aluminium & Grounding energising mix are the 3 metal/matrix components that do the EMF conversions.


We suggest you use this multiple times a day, placing your tea, coffee, food and water bottle on for just 3 minutes.


5-layer High Frequency

  • Crystals (Shungite, Quartz, Amethyst), Tensor Ring and Triskelion
  • Brass Chips
  • Fine-cut Aluminium
  • QCC Grounding and Energiser Mix  
  • Tesla Coil


Do not leave in direct sunlight.


Made in New Zealand by QCC.

Charging Plate Orgone Frequency Harmoniser

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