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Change Water Memory And You'll Change Your Life

Why would Quantum Co-Creators, in dealing with issues of anxiety, trauma, past lives and prosperity, place so much importance on #Water?

Let me explain in the most simplest of terms why we are so keen to share our knowledge of water to you and our clients.

Type water into Google and you will get 6.5 billion results. There are a two aspects about water that all articles will agree with:

1. Water is essential to life and

2. Water has a molecular structure of H20 being two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen.

In this article I am going to focus on:

Water composition of the Human Body, Memory in Water, Water Quality, Water Structure, Electromagnetic Radiation and Living Water as a solution.

The average person is 70% water by Volume. If you weighed 80Kg – 56 litres of you is water (that’s over 5 x 10 litre buckets!). Now these figures vary from a new born baby being 90% to an elderly person 55% water by volume.