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Change Water Memory And You'll Change Your Life

Why would Quantum Co-Creators, in dealing with issues of anxiety, trauma, past lives and prosperity, place so much importance on #Water?

Let me explain in the most simplest of terms why we are so keen to share our knowledge of water to you and our clients.

Type water into Google and you will get 6.5 billion results. There are a two aspects about water that all articles will agree with:

1. Water is essential to life and

2. Water has a molecular structure of H20 being two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen.

In this article I am going to focus on:

Water composition of the Human Body, Memory in Water, Water Quality, Water Structure, Electromagnetic Radiation and Living Water as a solution.

The average person is 70% water by Volume. If you weighed 80Kg – 56 litres of you is water (that’s over 5 x 10 litre buckets!). Now these figures vary from a new born baby being 90% to an elderly person 55% water by volume.

However on the quantum level, the nano-scale (or the infinitely small) where Biologists start counting the individual molecules inside the cells, 99 parts are water and one part is either DNA, Calcium, Magnesium, protein etc.

Therefore, the average person is 99% water by molecular count.

This particular composition has been ignored for many years where 2-3 pages of a Biology book is devoted to water and 5,000 pages on everything else, according to Prof Marc Henry – Strasberg University.

Prof Marc Henry with Luc Montagnier have proven the “Water Memory” theory proposed by Jacques Benveniste to be 100% correct.

Water Carries Memory

The same way music, pictures or information is stored on a DVD or a hard-drive in a computer they both use electro-magnetism. The information (Memory) in water gets stored inside the electromagnetic field that the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms create. This V shaped configuration is the key to understanding the countless types of water around the world.

Fascinating as this may sound, they are now building computers that use specially treated water as its storage medium for huge amounts of memory. Watch this great video

by Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton - called Discovery of the Century.

It is now being widely accepted by many different authorities that our drinking water contains all the memories that it has ever been subjected to over thousands of years. Even after all the filtering and recycling processes water goes through before it reaches us, we are still consuming the trauma from all the destructive human activities from the past. The memory quantity just keeps building up more and more every year in our drinking water, our sodas, beers and wines, our fruits and vegetables, in fact all our food.

By taking photos of disfigured water crystals from a glass with the word HATE printed on it, to the beautiful snow flake like crystals from a glass with the word LOVE printed on it, Masaru Emoto proved that water is affected by the container that holds it.

You will have seen the pictures of our rivers, lakes and the ocean, just awash with human & industrial rubbish. This all, at some stage, seeps down into a water table and then gets pumped to a public reservoir, treated and cleaned on the outside but never cleared of the Negative Memories of the past on the inside.

Have you ever wondered why there is so much dysfunction in our world? Why there is so much hate, anger, anxiety, distrust and countless human health problems? We are drinking ourselves into misery from the memories of the past, without even being the slightest bit aware of this!

The number of highly effective filtration devices that clear water of toxins is almost unlimited. These have eliminated many hygiene type health issues. You can also Google 1,000’s of devices that “Structure” your water giving many benefits to their users.

You can also “Structure water” using Magnets & Electricity, Sounds & Vibration, Paramagnetic sands, Crystals, Light, Vortex machines, Oxygen & Hydrogen gases, Symbols & Geometry, Words & Thought Intent to name but a few. They all aim to transform a dysfunctional array of incoherent water molecules to that of Structure and Coherence.

Because water in the body is absorbed one molecule at a time, by splitting up the bonds of water clusters, hydration is greatly improved. Otherwise, it’s like 20 people all bound together in a circle trying to get through a door. It's not going to happen! However add a bit of music, all join together in a conga line and through the door they go.

The front cover of M J Pangman's book Hexagonal Water – The Ultimate Solution states

“Hexagonal Water can provide superior hydration, enhanced nutrient uptake, more effective detoxification, increased metabolic efficiency and improved cellular communication.”

Liquid Crystalline water is created through the hexagonal shape (six sided) that the molecules adopt through structuring. This leads to another phenomena called the “ Fourth Phase of Water", the first three being Ice, Water & Vapour. There is a TedX by Dr Gerald Pollack who goes through the technical aspects of this 4th phase.

There is a problem now in 2020 due to all the #electromagnetic frequencies that are flooding the earth continuously. As every day passes, more towers are going up, more satellites being launched, more wifi routers being installed, more smart meters, more electric cars etc etc. Never has the human body been bombarded with so many EMF’s & EMR (electromagnetic radiation ). What are we doing about it? Unfortunately, the Earths’ magnetic field is decreasing as well.

What this means is that it is getting harder and harder for water to retain its structure, both in nature and in our bodies. This has led to the increase in what is now described as Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome. Or the Magnetic-field-dysfunction of the human Bio-field.

This is a serious situation that the Human Race faces right now. If you are familiar with our Aura system you’ll be aware of how important this is for our health. If only our eyes could see the Blu-tooth signals or see the dysfunctional energies being emitted from our WiFis. Even those from the electrical wirings in our walls or our TV's. We are drinking trauma and being bombarded with disruptive waves that affects the water in our bodies and our health.

Also important to mention is the imbalance of the Yin & the Yang polarity of the molecule. According to Walter Schauberger, son of Viktor Schauberger, the molecule should have a 61.8% feminine (Yin) proportion and a 38.2% masculine (Yang) proportion. The problem is that all the surface water on the planet is Yang. So not only does our body have to restructure water into #hexagonal water it also has to correct the Yang overload.

Even when you have a device or technique to structure your water, there is still the negative trauma in the molecules. You need to drain the negativity from your body over time by replacing it with structured and spiritually charged LIVING WATER.

If you are looking for a program to deal with emotional hangups, past life traumas, blocks to prosperity, anxiety, fear etc, the first thing you need to assess is – does this program address Water? Does it look at the quality of the water in my body and give me ways to ensure that I am protecting not only my physical well being but also my emotional and spiritual well being? Because water has a spiritual element, drinking Living Water will make all the difference.

Quantum Co-Creators created this Phi-Spiral Water Ring that we provide Free of Charge as a gift to humanity. Click the link here to download

The outer Tensor Ring induces a smoky toroidal vortex that potentizes the water. We have included a powerful SunRing that intensifies the intention of the Sacred Geometry inside the Water Ring. The natural Aloe Vera Fibonacci plant taps into the Geo-Spiral magnetic Bio-Signatures of the deep, deep caverns of the Yin waters of Mother Earth. This information is mostly unknown to the general population. To give the spiral an unprecedented boost we have tapped into Nikola Tesla's 369-369 infinite electro-magnetic Unicursal Hexagram developed by Jain108.

With use, practice and the skills we teach, this becomes an essential tool to use every day and every night.

Glass by glass you will slowly but surely begin the process of eliminating those unwanted water molecules in your body that retain the memories of #Hatred, #Trauma, #Anxiety, #Fear etc. Why do you think that the last 5, 6, 7 or 8 courses, meditations, support groups, workshops, private sessions you have had – don’t last. The cycles of imbalances will always reappear until you eliminate the CAUSE. Water molecules hold that cause.

In this video, we instruct you how to remove the most sinister of all negative emotions - Greed, and install the Spirit of Water.

Enjoy, Drink Well and Be Happy Simon & Sue

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