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Aligning and Clearing for Prosperity and Wellbeing

We have discovered that many aspects of our Being have been compromised by interdimensional forces.  Negative programmes have been installed creating problems for us which, in turn, cause physical and emotional pain and feelings of being unfulfilled.  The negative energy produced when in those lower vibrational states is called Loosh and this becomes a food source for inter-dimensionals.


From the moment we separated ourselves from Source eons ago, the original wound of broken trust and self-betrayal was set up. 


To move forward on any level of self-healing, these issues must be cleared.

Quantum Co-Creators have tools to tap into the Quantum Field and, with your permission, access your personal “hard drive” and remove “viruses” that are affecting the running of your “computer’s” mind, body and spirit.  Like pressing the “delete” button on your computer, we are able to delete what is holding you back. We can then enhance your “software programmes” to create a more prosperous and healthy YOU.

This website is designed to take you as deep or as shallow as you want to go.  We have included video links below for those that want to learn more. If you are ready to take the "Red Pill" – then go to our Private Sessions page and get started with setting up a Quantum Clearing or head over to our Courses page and see what else we have to offer.  .

What People Say

“A Great Experience"

“I had a great experience from the clearings with Sue and Simon. It was profound as I went to many places while I was listening to you that opened up areas I hadn't considered were there to address. And I’m a professional clearing practitioner myself. Some old emotional stuff surfaced and cleared! Thank you  - much appreciated!”
Marlene Allen, Healer, Phoenix

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Meet the team...

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Simon Mason 

Simon's fascination in Geometric shapes and mathematical aspects of “Sacred Geometry “ began in 1997 whilst working around the world as a Mechanical Fitter. The understanding of the cosmic entanglement of Nature, especially the teachings from Austrian Victor Schauberger regarding vortexing energies in water & nature, paved a path to  becoming a certified Holographic Kinetics Practitioner in 2006.

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Sue Alesbury

As a Qualified Hypnotherapist and Healer, Sue has always been fascinated by Quantum Physics. In fact, Sue's Practice in the UK 20 years ago was called Quantum Hypnotherapy Practice. How can a person sit in a chair as a chain smoker and leave a few minutes later as a permanent non-smoker? How can a person walk in on crutches and walk out a short while later completely unaided? What on earth just happened

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