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Aligning and Clearing for Prosperity and Wellbeing

We have discovered that many aspects of our Being have been compromised by interdimensional forces.  Negative programmes have been installed creating problems for us which, in turn, cause physical and emotional pain and feelings of being unfulfilled.  The negative energy produced when in those lower vibrational states is called Loosh and this becomes a food source for inter-dimensionals.


From the moment we separated ourselves from Source eons ago, the original wound of broken trust and self-betrayal was set up. 


To move forward on any level of self-healing, these issues must be cleared.

Quantum Co-Creators have tools to tap into the Quantum Field and, with your permission, access your personal “hard drive” and remove “viruses” that are affecting the running of your “computer’s” mind, body and spirit.  Like pressing the “delete” button on your computer, we are able to delete what is holding you back. We can then enhance your “software programmes” to create a more prosperous and healthy YOU.

This website is designed to take you as deep or as shallow as you want to go.  We have included video links below for those that want to learn more. If you are ready to take the "Red Pill" – then go to our Private Sessions page and get started with setting up a Quantum Clearing or head over to our Courses page and see what else we have to offer.  .

What People Say

“A Great Experience"

“I had a great experience from the clearings with Sue and Simon. It was profound as I went to many places while I was listening to you that opened up areas I hadn't considered were there to address. And I’m a professional clearing practitioner myself. Some old emotional stuff surfaced and cleared! Thank you  - much appreciated!”
Marlene Allen, Healer, Phoenix

Read more about what people say about Simon and Sue


The New Sacred Geometry of Frank Chester, The Chestahedron The Wonder of Seven

The New Sacred Geometry of Frank Chester, The Chestahedron The Wonder of Seven

Mirrored by Spirit Matter Man. Frank Chester, the greatest Geometrician since Pythagorus. Mr. Chester has discovered many new forms never seen before and many new insights into Sacred Geometry never discovered therefore never even imagined or thought of before. Mr. Chester through his laborious work truly has the Muse and has given humankind the greatest gift, he has revealed to us the Sacred Geometry of our very own Hearts: the Chestahedron. Frank Chester's work ushers in the so called "New Paradigm" or the New Way of SEEING, that many have been seeking for so long. It is time to STOP seeking,....and begin to start SEEING. This documentary was lovingly brought to us through the amazing and inspirational collaboration between Matt Presti, Robert Otey and the Maestro himself, Frank Chester. This production was Filmed at New Form Technology Center by Matt Presti and Robert Otey in San Carlos California. Much Enduring and Fearless LOVE to you and many, many continued Blessings,.........xoxoxo To learn more about Frank Chester check out his website: Mr. Chester also has a book available: "A New Sacred Geometry: The Art and Science of Frank Chester" this book is available here: If you value Frank's work and insights, please consider donating to his research or purchasing one of his prints, sculptures, or jewelry pieces at his website: In this presentation: "Frank gives the clearest presentation to date of the core work he has done regarding his discovery of the 7 sided Chestahedron. The Chestahedron is a 7 sided geometric figure which is similar to the so-called Platonic Solids, in that all of the faces have the same amount of surface area. The difference being that the Chestahedron has 2 types of faces, Triangles and Kites, whereas the platonic solids only have one type of face.. In this presentation we were able to highlight and showcase many aspects of his previous lectures which were difficult to see and understand in past presentations. The Green screen allowed us to place images and videos next to Frank which brought greater detail and clarity to his work. We hope this gives all students of his work a more concise description to study this Geometrician's great achievements. As Frank states clearly in this presntation we need Science and Art to come together again, so we may study the real Universe instead of the fictional one based on arcane mythematics parroted in all schools and media owned by Corporate sources. Frank has laid down the path of methodology which must be followed by the real scientists of the future and applied to all so-called fields of scientific investigation. Memorization of dysfunctional theories by rote has served only to enslave humanity to false psyence. The free thinking inventive scientists of today and tomorrow will now have a guide for their studies which will lead them back to Nature and the Causes behind all observation mankind catalogs in his effort to understand reality. Filmed and edited by Matt Presti and Robert Otey" Music Robert Otey Song: "Forevermore" Guitar: Yamaha APF-10N Classical Acoustic Electric Guitar built in 1980 5-28-14 Free Energy and Free Thinking
QUANTUM PHOTONICS: The Connection Between Biophotonic Energy & Consciousness with Matthew DeBow

QUANTUM PHOTONICS: The Connection Between Biophotonic Energy & Consciousness with Matthew DeBow

See all Our INACS Videos & Subscribe at In this presentation, Matt DeBow poses the question, "Is there a connection between the higher aspects of consciousness and biophotonic energy?" He then proceeds to connect the dots between biophotons and the dimensional aspects of human consciousness. Science is only beginning to understand quantum fields. DeBow believes these fields are directly related to human biology and have a specific geometrical form with a deeper purpose. These energy fields exist within the physical realm (even though for the most part they are undetectable), but they simultaneously manifest on another plane of existence just outside of perception. They are also part of a universal matrix of consciousness to which we are all connected. This presentation offers a model to explain both the human bio-dimensional energetics of which we are a part and their relation to the quantum field within which we exist. DeBow’s intent is to describe recognizable patterns of the dynamic structures of our energy fields, with the goal of driving a new paradigm in spiritual understanding and evolution. Matt DeBow is an author, inventor, public speaker and innovative leader. Much of his career has involved marketing, business development and management. Matt has been a columnist for the Psychic Reader monthly newspaper in California, has been involved with the coordination of conventions and symposiums, and produced a monthly lecture series for several years. Recently, Matt has moved into medical device design and manufacturing with his release of LuxWaves photobiological light therapy devices, a naturopathic healing system. For his first book "LIGHT: Health Benefit & Medical Applications," DeBow interviewed experts from the FDA, NASA, UT, Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley, as well as leading developers, medical doctors, sports therapists and Olympic trainers. In 2015, DeBow released his second book, “Soul Code: Near-Death experiences, Pre-Conception Memories, Transformative Spiritual Events, Life-Between-life Regression, Induced After Death Communication.” Matt's website: Matt's LinkedIn profile: This presentation video is brought to you by the Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies, Inc. (INACS), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research and public education into human consciousness. Find out more at: Become a member today at: Presented Tuesday, November 21, 2016, 6:30–9:00 p.m., at the INACS Office in Austin, Texas.
Dr. Jerry Tennant: Recharge Your Battery and Heal | Electricity of Life

Dr. Jerry Tennant: Recharge Your Battery and Heal | Electricity of Life

In part one of this presentation, Dr. Jerry Tennant introduced us to his extraordinary research into the complex electrical circuitry of the human body. Since his own remarkable battle with debilitating ailments, Dr. Tennant has worked to develop a kind of map of this circuitry, to understand its essential connection to physical wellbeing. In the previous episode, Dr. Tennant discussed the particular significance of the circuitry connecting teeth to other regions of the body. The concept of illness arising from electrical imbalances is, of course, unconventional in most modern medicine. However, the application of electromagnetic therapies in healing is not new. In this conclusion, we asked Dr. Tennant to begin by discussing some of the earliest examples of the use of electromagnetism as a physical remedy. Dr. Jerry Tennant is board certified in ophthalmology and ophthalmic plastic surgery (residency, Harvard Medical School and Southwestern Medical School.) He was the director of ophthalmic plastic surgery clinic at Parkland Hospital in Dallas and practiced from 1965 to 1995. He did much of the FDA study for the VISX Excimer laser and performed approximately 1000 surgeries in the United States and Europe. In addition, Dr. Tennant was the founder/director of the Dallas Eye Institute and one of the first surgeons in the US to place intraocular lenses in eyes after cataract surgery and taught these techniques around the world. He holds patents for medical devices including intraocular lenses and several surgical instruments. While licensed in Arizona by the Board of Homeopathic and Alternative Medicine, Dr. Tennant is currently the Director of the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine. PART ONE of this interview... Dr. Tennant's presentation at EU2017: Future Science If you see a CC with this video, it means that subtitles are available. To find out which ones, click on the Gear Icon in the lower right area of the video box and click on “subtitles” in the drop-down box. Then click on the subtitle that you would like. Become a Producer through the PATREON Rewards program... Subscribe to Thunderbolts eNewsletter The Thunderbolts Project homepage Essential Guide to the Electric Universe Electric Universe Books & Merch Electric Universe by Wal Thornhill Instagram Facebook Podcasts Twitter @tboltsproject

Meet the team...

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Simon Mason 

Simon's fascination in Geometric shapes and mathematical aspects of “Sacred Geometry “ began in 1997 whilst working around the world as a Mechanical Fitter. The understanding of the cosmic entanglement of Nature, especially the teachings from Austrian Victor Schauberger regarding vortexing energies in water & nature, paved a path to  becoming a certified Holographic Kinetics Practitioner in 2006.

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Sue Alesbury

As a Qualified Hypnotherapist and Healer, Sue has always been fascinated by Quantum Physics. In fact, Sue's Practice in the UK 20 years ago was called Quantum Hypnotherapy Practice. How can a person sit in a chair as a chain smoker and leave a few minutes later as a permanent non-smoker? How can a person walk in on crutches and walk out a short while later completely unaided? What on earth just happened

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